What if your supporters could help raise money by sharing their opinion?

We’re revolutionising the way charities connect with the world. We’ve opened the door to brand-new potential supporters and have created a new way to re-engage existing supporters – whether active, lapsed or lost. We’re using technology as a force for good!

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The UK’s first opinion exchange

We connect charities with supporters who share the same affinity. You can launch exchanges within minutes and each time the supporter exchanges their opinion OneTwenty donates 20p to your cause – simple!


Insights for Growth

Your supporters' opinions should inform all of your fundraising and communication efforts and so it made sense to us to build a platform that started with exactly that. OneTwenty gives you deeper insight into your new potential supporters and a strong foundation from which to measure your overall brand awareness.

Valuable Income

Valuable Income

For each survey completed, 20p will be donated to your charity; not only raising unrestricted income, but also giving your potential supporters the feeling of something good coming from the time they took to complete the survey – a true value exchange where everybody wins! But the survey income is just the first step – even more wins inside!

Strengthening your Community

Strengthening your Community

By giving your supporters a space to share their opinions, they feel valued. And ultimately, part of your community. Likewise, lapsed and lost supporters still care for your cause but may not have had the engagement right for them. Reengage on their terms.

Compliant & Supporter Centered

Compliant and Supporter Centered

Our platform will provide you with connections to new and engaged potential supporters who already feel valued. With clear consent and secure data transfers, your new relationships are already off to a great start!

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Completion Rate

Completion Rate


Average Donation Value

Average Donation


Donations to clients

Donated To Clients


How We Do It...

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Use Paid Social, email, QR codes or direct mail to invite potential supporters to exchange their opinions

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It takes under a minute for the supporter to complete the exchange, at which point your 24/7 secure dashboards are updated, OneTwenty pays out a 20p donation to your cause and consented data is being packaged ready to securely transfer.

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Using behavioural AI we align relevant opportunities for the new supporter to deepen their relationship with your charity – perhaps single or recurring donations, an invitation to leave a gift in their will or to sign up to monthly newsletters.

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